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Course: Social Media for Small Business-Growing Your Online Reach and Exposure

Objective: Learn how to properly present small business online and interact appropriately with followers to gain maximum growth and exposure to the demographic most likely to become clients/customers without having to sacrifice time or money.


Download the PDF: SocialMediaSmallBiz_DESIGN_DOCUMENT

Problem Solved: While most people know how to use a multitude of social media platforms on a personal level, using them for business is a horse of an entirely different color. This course addresses questions such as:

  • When should a business pay for a promoted post?
  • How can spam interactions be minimized?
  • What’s the best way to improve the shares, retweets, and follower-promotion of content?


EXCERPT – STORYBOARD (sample from screen 9)

Download the PDF: SocialMedia_Applications_Storyboard

Results: After completing the course, learners will know how to:

  • Effectively navigate the algorithms of the major social media platforms to maximize exposure
  • Interact with followers/clients on each platform
  • Properly mediate interactions to ensure the desired reflection of the business
  • Reach the target audience efficiently and avoid “shotgun” social media marketing.

This course will save businesses time, money, and resources while dramatically increasing their social media presence.