Video Script Samples


When trying to reach an audience via social media, there are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration in order to achieve the maximum views. Content needs to be original, captivating, entertaining, and have a purpose. In addition to all of this, it needs to be short; the average social media consumer does not watch a video if it is more than 90 seconds long, and if they aren’t invested within the first few seconds, they are likely to close the video without watching the rest.

This can be a challenge, but videos on social media can be quite beneficial—they’re a great way to gain shares, and consumers tend to remember products/brands better if the content is outstanding.

Below are some examples of videos I wrote for Off Kilter Kilts, a locally-owned retail store startup. To see the entire collection of social media videos I ideated and wrote for OKK, please check out the store’s YouTube channel.

Segment: Pub Night; Episode: Poitín

Segment: Pantless Sunday; Episode: Pleats, Please!

Web Commercial: Tight Pants

Special Event: Doo Dah Parade (ideation, production, script timing)



A few years ago, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department approached me with a problem: on-duty seatbelt related deaths were at an all-time high. My  solution was simple: get officers to wear their seatbelts again by appealing to emotion in a logical way.

After this video was released (aired internally within all L.A. County stations), seatbelt deaths dropped by 25%.