Title: “My Favorite Sister”

This speech was written for a maid of honor toast at a very special wedding. If you are in need of a personalized speech, I can sculpt one perfect for any event with any audience.

One of my earliest memories was talking to my mom. I don’t remember if I knew she was having a baby or if I even grasped the concept of what that meant, but I remember telling her that all I wanted was a sister. At two-years-old, I knew my life would be complete and my purpose would be fulfilled if I could just have a baby sister.

The next thing I know, my parents sit me down on the couch and help me hold my very own baby sister, and I just looked at that beautiful little baby and thought, “Wow… I should’ve asked for seven more sisters!”

My sister has always been important to me, and I’d do anything for her. Even during that phase where we fought like crazy, we still had each other’s backs.

I don’t know if my parents ever knew this, but there was one time when they were out and Vickie and I had the house to ourselves. We got into a fight over who-knows-what that ended with her slamming a door on my toe and it instantly turning purple, and I slapped her across the face and gave her a bloody lip. We stood there for a second, me clutching my toe and her holding her lip, and then both simultaneously said, “Don’t tell mom and dad.”

I used to—and still do—tell her all the time that she’s my favorite sister. Usually, she responds with a lovingly sarcastic eye-roll while she says, “I’m your only sister.”

But Vickie really is my favorite person in the universe. Even though I’m the older one, it’s always been me that’s looked up to her. I’ve always been so proud of her—how smart she is, how compassionate she is, and how she always makes time for the people she loves. I aspire to be more like my sister every day.

And then she met Ian, and it was clear right from the start how happy he makes her. You won’t hear me say “Ian, welcome to the family” tonight, because he’s been a part of our family from day one.

I remember the first time I met Ian. We were helping Vickie move into a new apartment, and I could see the way they both beamed when they looked at each other, the way there was a special gravity pulling them towards each other.

One of the first things Ian started talking about was the science of traffic patterns, explaining how moving an onramp this-many degrees could alleviate traffic fourteen miles across town, and I just thought, “Wow… this dude’s smart!”

But like I said, Vickie is my favorite person in the universe. Ian makes my favorite person happier than she’s ever been. And Ian takes great care of my favorite person. And because of that, Ian is now one of my favorite people, too.

Vickie and Ian, I love you both. May your marriage be just like the two of you—fun, happy, warm, full of wisdom and a desire to learn, and just a little quirky.